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  • Ying Liu, Vinicius Stein Dani, Iris Beerepoot and Xixi Lu. Turning Logs Into Lumber: Preprocessing Tasks in Process Mining. (pdf)
  • Roberta De Fazio, Laura Verde, Antonio Balzanella, Stefano Marrone, Fiammetta Marulli, Vincenzo Reccia and Paolo Valletta. CaseID detection for Process Mining: a heuristic-based methodology. (pdf)
  • Yannis Bertrand, Silvestro V. Veneruso, Francesco Leotta, Massimo Mecella and Estefanía Serral. NICE: The Native Iot-Centric Event Log Model for Process Mining. (pdf)
  • Alexandre Goossens, Adrian Rebmann, Johannes De Smedt, Jan Vanthienen and Han van der Aa. From OCEL to DOCEL – Datasets and Automated Transformation. (pdf)
  • Zahra Ahmadi, Yannis Bertrand, Maria Isabel Pozo Romero and Estefanía Serral. Analysing the Foraging Behaviour of Bees using Process Mining: A Case Study. (pdf)
  • Anti Alman, Alessio Arleo, Iris Beerepoot, Andrea Burattin, Claudio Di Ciccio and Manuel Resinas. Tiramisu: A Recipe for Visual Sensemaking of Multi-Faceted Process Information. (pdf)
  • Dina Kretzschmann, Gyunam Park, Alessandro Berti and Wil M.P. van der Aalst. Overstock Problems in a Procurement Process: An Object-Centric Process Mining Case Study. 
  • Eva Klijn, Lulzim Imeri, Florin Baumann, Dennis Preuss, Felix Mannhardt and Dirk Fahland. Event Knowledge Graphs for Auditing: A Case Study. (pdf)
  • Christian Rennert and Wil M. P. van der Aalst. Improving Precision in Process Trees Using Subprocess Tree Logs. (pdf)
  • Onur Dogan and Massimiliano de Leoni. Parallelism-based Session Creation to Identify High-Level Activities in Event Log Abstraction. (pdf)
  • Jochem Veldman, Xixi Lu, Wouter van der Waal, Marcus Dees and Inge van de Weerd.  Generating Process Anomalies with Markov Chains: A Pattern-Driven Approach. (pdf)
  • Discussion on open problems, issues and trends in event data and behavioral analytics