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  • Manuel Wetzel, Agnes Koschmider and Thomas Wilke. Visually Representing History Dependencies in Event Logs.
  • Philip Waibel, Christian Novak, Saimir Bala, Kate Revoredo and Jan Mendling. Analysis of Business Process Batching using Causal Event Models.
  • Gerry Murphy. Process “Procespecting” to Improve Renewable Energy Interconnection Queues: A Case Study.
  • Adriano Augusto, Marlon Dumas and Marcello La Rosa. Automated Discovery of Process Models with True Concurrency and Inclusive Choices.
  • Yang Lu, Qifan Chen and Simon Poon. A Novel Approach to Discover Switch Behaviours in Process Mining.
  • Dominik Janssen, Felix Mannhardt, Agnes Koschmider and Sebastiaan J. van Zelst. Process Model Discovery from Sensor Event Data.
  • Greg Van Houdt, Benoît Depaire and Niels Martin. Unsupervised Event Abstraction in a Process Mining Context: A Benchmark Study.